HiGEDiUS2 by Hige Driver

Hige Driver (ヒゲドライバー) is a musician affiliated to TOKYO LOGIC, who’s been performing music since 2005, and has been working as a commercial artist since 2008. He’s since contributed to several video game and anime soundtracks, as well as released his own albums. He’s also appeared in the SOUND VOLTEX and other BEMANI series. His main forte when it comes to music are chiptune and J-POP.
A well recommended artist, this is his recent album released lately last year.


Release: December 21, 2018


The Exodus From Youtube

So here we are…

After a couple months of thinking and searching, I am ready to present you my new project. The main purpose of this site is to host radio stations – Random Chiptune and Vaporfunk ones. In future there will be more I hope. There is also a new feature – music feed. It is simply a blog page where I will post pure music content: albums, compilations, single songs. You just come and get the best chiptune from all over the internet on one page. I will upload all new mixes here. Make yourself at home

This is good place to promote your music in addition to youtube. The only criteria for it is to be good. If you are an artist I will be glad to help you with sharing your music with the world.

Why am I leaving YT? It is a huge corporation that gives small authors a great opportunity to create and earn on their works for sure. But my work there is on an edge of piracy and copyright violation, and there is no place for me there. Consider this site as a rebellious act.

At this moment we are in a beta test, not everything is running smoothly, there are a lot of problems yet to solve, but it’s the time to ask you: what do you think about all this?

– sincerely, Krelez.

Soundcloud embed test

One of the new content formats I can proivide is monthly/weekly soundcloud digest. It is a really fast and simple way to share new tunes, especially considering that I find many great song for mixes there. This is a great spotlight opportunity for unknown artists too, because there is always a direct link to the profile page. If you are interested in publishing your song, send me a message on discord or mail, I’ll consider your song.

SEGA SWING by The Flight Away

One of the first albums I want to share with you is this masterpiece. Combination of vocals, sega genesis soundchip and catchy pop melody does have my full attention here. The Flight Away is a type of band that makes an impression of a completely professional group of artists, but their last release was in 2015 and nothing else came out after. I know, maybe you do not like voice in your chiptunes at all, but it is so appropriate here.


Release: May 9, 2013

Jon Siejka: All songs/vocals 
Matt Wiggers: Mixing/Mastering 
Daniel Cash: Artwork www.bearpicnic.com

Big thanks to The Eighth Bit. 

The Flight Away