Marshmallow Bits by ABOC

I want to share with you one new release I just found. I never get tired from discovering something new and surprisingly fresh in the chiptune genre. It is amazing how versatile and enjoyable it can be.

This ABOC label managed to collect a bunch of very talented musicians I never even heard about (to my shame). All tracks are different, but really handsome, can’t even decide which one I like the most. This music is warm, saturated and very kind. Just choose a good evening for yourself to relax and give it a try, it is worth it!

Marshmallow Bits is the cozy 8-Bit quilt you never knew you needed, best served with hot chocolate in a log cabin.
released February 26, 2019

Producer: Cass Adams
Mastering: Cass Adams

Cover Artist: Jakk

HiGEDiUS2 by Hige Driver

Hige Driver (ヒゲドライバー) is a musician affiliated to TOKYO LOGIC, who’s been performing music since 2005, and has been working as a commercial artist since 2008. He’s since contributed to several video game and anime soundtracks, as well as released his own albums. He’s also appeared in the SOUND VOLTEX and other BEMANI series. His main forte when it comes to music are chiptune and J-POP.
A well recommended artist, this is his recent album released lately last year.


Release: December 21, 2018

SEGA SWING by The Flight Away

One of the first albums I want to share with you is this masterpiece. Combination of vocals, sega genesis soundchip and catchy pop melody does have my full attention here. The Flight Away is a type of band that makes an impression of a completely professional group of artists, but their last release was in 2015 and nothing else came out after. I know, maybe you do not like voice in your chiptunes at all, but it is so appropriate here.


Release: May 9, 2013

Jon Siejka: All songs/vocals 
Matt Wiggers: Mixing/Mastering 
Daniel Cash: Artwork

Big thanks to The Eighth Bit. 

The Flight Away